be more than grateful.  We wouldn't be looking for a lot.  A floor to sleep on, a handful of Cracker Jacks, and the feeling of being welcomed is all we would need to keep us moving closer toward our goal. 

If you happen to notice that our route will be coming through your town or a town close to someone you know and are looking to help or want to simply get away from your busy life to run with us for a few hours, please email us at  Thanks and we look forward to meeting you.  

As one can imagine, being with the same three guys for 116 days can and will take a toll on even the strongest of friendships.  It is inevitable that we will get on each others nerves and have an occasional fight here or there.  In order to help preserve our friendship (and sanity) we encourage anyone and everyone to join us as we run through your town.  We welcome running clubs, college track teams, high school cross country teams, casual joggers, casual walkers, people on their lunch break, bikers, skate boarders, roller bladders, people walking their dogs, etc.  Basically, anyone that wants to join us is more than welcome to whether it's for a minute, a mile, or a day.  Who knows, if you're lucky enough we might even let you push the jogger for a bit!

We are also looking for places to stay for the night and/or any meals that you might be willing to "donate" toward us.  As we already stated, we are fully prepared to sleep in our tent each and every night but if you or someone you know is willing to house us for the night we will 

We'd Love The Company